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3 Valuable Tips to Film Conversation-based Scripts!

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Conversations based movies are made on shoe string budgets

Conversations based movies rely heavily on characters

Conversation based movies can talk science, can play with fantasy or can simply be realistic.

Well if you are a going to make a conversation based movie that centers on reality, then you have very little gimmicks to play with

In that case, How are you going to pull your audience into the movie, make them watch over a simple conversation for about 15 minutes?

Hi, This is Ganesan Rajagopalan, the director of Over a Chai, a short film about two people engaging in a conversation about something, about a conflict, a mutual one. How they perceive it and understand it forms the crux of the story.

So What I am doing here? This is my first time as a director. But my strong basics in theater helped a lot in acting and directing

I am not here to tell you how you should approach conversation based scripts. But I certainly tell you How I approached mine.

Basically a conversation is not a plot, so you can’t go like how people approach plot driven movies. There is a difference.

I kept in mind 3 things when approached my Film.

1. Detail Characters

Etching them in detail

Understanding who they are as a person, their age, their personality, their behavior,

What’s their back story

What’s they would do after the conversation

Once if this is done, we go to the next part

Over a chai

2. Organic Dialogues

Now once you got complete understanding of your characters, you should then know how they interact with each other. ‘Over a chai’ was a film about two people trying to understanding a situation, a situation that most of the people could relate with. In that case, your dialogues should be very organic. I over-heard a lot of conversations happening around me all the time, the dialogues that you heard in the film was the ones I heard to. I think these dialogues help film achieve relate-ability and made more relevant to the audience.

3. A mere observing Camera

Part of the sucess lies in making your cast as natural as possible. They should not feel that this is being filmed. Make the camera un obstructive. The audience should feel that are next to these couple and over hearing the conversation. So it is more of an hidden type of Filmmaking.

So to sum up,

I feel every conversation based movie have to have that element of relate-ability

And if it is there, then I think we cracked it!

I did learn in the process and I am sure you would enjoy Over a chai

Appreciation and criticism are duly welcome 😀


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