Indie Film Culture needs Investor Angels. Luckily we have one of them!

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Indie Film Production is a very catchy term, except that you would not find many a producer coming forward to take a chance, to dabble with the dangerous and give an arm to the independent.

Our Indie Film Culture, though look robust in terms of the sheer number of talents and their creative works which once gets to witness as often, still looks meek on many respects.

One such aspect is the number of producers catering to this new generation of talent!

Indie Film Culture if needs to sustain need these angels to support the ecosystem.

But the trend seems to be positive. There are people who have gradually started to  come forward.

These people realize that here lies an opportunity that could help them make the best use of talent and resources available. They also truly understand that if this Country needs to sustain its creative power, then it will require  as many creative ventures to transform and let loose its creative potential

One of them is  Miss Logeshwari, The Founder of This and That Entertainments Pvt Ltd, Who along with her team has set afoot with the only aim to help the budding filmmaker who have abundance of talent but very little opportunity.

“Yes we wanted to identify the best talents in the Country. And I believe our about to be conducted Short Film Fest will help us scout some really good talents which would see us give a chance to one of them on a professional scale

this and that sf fest

Talking about This and That Short Film Fest, Yes here is an opportunity for the aspirant. Submit your short film, You just have got 4 days from now. The best would win 100,000, the second best would fetch 50,000 and the third would recieve 25,000 at hand.”

“Our Future plans is to enter  into small budget production by end of this year or early next year. And again This and That wants to give opportunity to the growing talents who always gets rejected by saying that they lack experience. Only with an opportunity any one can get experience. We want to make them get that experience in filming.”

What inspired to drop your white collared job and help our Indie Boys?

Had some experience working (behind the screen) in this field for couple of years. When I left my job I just had simple plans of doing some Advertisements for TVC and Corporate Films. But, when I had the opportunity to interact and move around with the young team of Vis Com’s, I learned lot of things and that is when as an Individual I decided to do something for these guys and that is how all happened.

Most of our short film makers keep pulling money generally from family and friends for making their dreams come true. We thought this Fest and the susbequent prize money for the winner will help them to make a good film without any Financial pressure. The prize money has been designed to recognize the best film and encourage the team to do a new film.

Your big Picture, Your vision for This and That Short Film Fest
This and That Short Film Fest has helped us reach to many talents across the state. We wanted that reach. We wanted to make people get heard about our initiative, though it has a business purpose to its ends, We still see this an an initiative as something that would help the home-grown Indie Boys


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