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You have definitely played with the Colors but there is nothing  more than that! What else you would want the Judges to say about this photograph? Good, Great? What happened to you? Suddenly it seems that you have demoted yourself to Amateur from Semi-pro!


“Sir, True that, I am right now in a fix”

“Creative problems?”

“Yes Sir”

“What happened?”

“My GirlFriend…”

“Dumped you?”

“No, no, I am getting slightly distracted, that’s all!”

“What you mean Slightly distracted? Seeing this image, I would say you are Greatly distracted!”

“Huh, Let me crop it out.”

“Cropping will not get you anywhere, You will stay as a Amateur then.”

“What do you want me to do then?”

“You have to concentrate Son, You have to play with all these distractions to your advantage.”

“Sir, Here’s comes my cool one, As you have advised, I had spent 3 weeks of Complete focus. Now distractions are no more Distractions!”

“Let me see”


 “What have you done Son?”

“I have dumped all the distractions, now my focus is only in photography and hence symbolically a single subject with background-less picture. How do you find this Photo, Sir?”

“You have blurred the background, shallow depth of focus, what’s new in it?”

“You are not liking it then?”

“As for me, apart from the lack of newness, It looks like an imbalanced composition.”

“How are you saying?”

“Look at this image and compare that with yours.”


“In your image of the kid, the visual weight was more towards the right, hence making it slightly imbalanced. Look, dumping your distractions will not get you anywhere. As I told you earlier, you have to play with the distractions to your advantage.”

“Could you explain that a bit more?”

“In other words, apart from the positive space, you got to be aware of the negative space. Negative space could well add more meaning and depth to the image. Look at the one below”


“Okay what is the positive space and negative space in this image?”

“The positive space is the frog and the branch. The negative space is the black background.”

“Correct but tell me why this photo is most pleasing to our eyes?”

“I think our eyes, when seeing this picture, it doesn’t just stay with the frog. It goes to branch on the top, to the frog, to the sides and then to the frog again.”

“In other words, a perfectly balanced composition. Also The photographer doesn’t show the subject alone. He makes you aware of the environment of the subject. The branches in the image serve as a means to direct and control the eye.  An Amateur like you would have messed up with the branches and distracted the vision of the viewers. Now next time when you come, Get me a photo like the one that has all these ingredients. The Subject, its environment and possibly construct an implicit story in between.”


“I really like this photograph that you have come up with. Two kids and a vast ocean in between. The ocean being the negative space but still plays an active role. For me, It stands gigantic and the soft turbulence in the waves create a feeling of anxiety as these kids go in search of something. Kudos!”

“Wow Have I become a Pro now?”

“Huh, why are you so fast, we are learning right. At first negative space was distracting your subject. Then it was reduced to one monochrome background. Now that you have learnt to convey an implicit story connecting the positive and the negative spaces, it is time to progress fast. Get me an image where there should be distractions (I mean the negative space) but weave a story around the subject along with the many elements in the negative space.”

“I think I have succeeded Sir. Look at this photo of mine”


“Much Appreciated, The direction of the Tunnel and Blocks are in unison with the direction of the passer-by. The whole arrangement guides my eye and places it on the subject as he travel towards the direction of the light. Like a champion, Cool effort!”

“So Am i a Pro now?”

“Okay finally one last assignment for you. Take this image of Henri Cartier Bresson as a reference. Get me a photograph that has the negative space bound out in symmetrical fashion, that lies in harmony and gives us a biologically pleasing view. Again Never fail to convey a story and an appropriate emotion for the viewers.”


“Keep in mind the decisive moment. Who Knows how long Henri would have waited to get a snap of this man jump from the lying ladder. Can you do it?”


I did it. I am a Pro!

Thanks Google!

 (Images Courtesy: Krishna Teja Photographs, Apogeephoto.com, Hongkiat.com and Magnus Photos)












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